First research focus: Systems of identification of MLD

  • What kinds of systems are used to diagnose MLD? From which scientific disciplines did they originate? What is their theoretical background and which definition of MLD do they use? What do they assess and what is their scope?
  • What knowledge, perception and vision do teachers have of MLD? How do they operate (reporting and action) in the different countries of the sample of the study?

Second research focus: Study of the specificities of the mathematical activity of students with MLD in learning situations

  • How can we define the mathematical reasoning skills necessary to a pupil, a student or a future citizen?
  • How can we characterize the types of mathematical problems which make it possible to make use of such skills?
  • Which are the specificities of the learning environment that emphasize learning and reasoning potential in students?

Third research focus: Innovative suggestions for remediation process, support and assistance devices for students with MLD

  • Which operational devices exist in the different countries? On which definition of MLD are they built?
  • What modalities and didactic approaches are used in the existing devices?
  • What professional actions, vocational training, teaching practices are related to these devices? Could we construct a typology?
  • What new concrete proposals of remediation process and of support devices are conceivable and applicable (especially in the teachers’ training)?
  • What are the specificities of the teaching practices (in the specific contexts of the special education received by students with language disorders)?